I think that straight edge and queer culture have a lot to offer one another. From sXe I’d love for queer culture to absorb a sense of commitment to health, self-respect, and intentionality about lifestyle choices, as well as a sense of how individual choices can be meaningful within the context of a broader community. Queer culture can offer sXe a refusal of the machismo and gender rigidity that plagues the scene; a rejection of the false moralism of pseudo militants; and above all, a fucking sense of humor.

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… a sense of humor that doesn’t embrace being an oppressive asshole.

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hardcore then: be you and fuck anyone who says otherwise, keep the scene alive

hardcore now: if you aren’t exactly like me then you’re a poser and i’m way harder

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I find it funny when people are like “but if you’re vegan what do you eat?” because after you’ve done it for a few years it’s literally like “how the heck can you put meat in that many things??? why the hell does this have milk in it??? why would you put an egg in that??? WHAT???” 

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Here’s the full Crystal Methodist set from Friday’s show! If you’ve got twelve minutes, check it out!

My favorite song we played starts at 8:45. We even cover Ceremony (10:30) so you know it’s hard.


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I grew it just for you!


hey more like dumblr am i right

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Flashlight (Acoustic Banjo Version) - The Front Bottoms

I’m a sucker for a banjo. This version rules so hard.

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ArtistThe Front Bottoms
TitleFlashlight (Acoustic Banjo Version)